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About Embrace

My aim at Embrace is to provide a space where each unique experience of pain can be explored and understood.

My name is Janet Betts and I am a physiotherapist with a special interest in helping people who struggle with persistent pain. My career has been based in the NHS and private sector where for many years I have worked with patients who have a wide range musculoskeletal problems. I understand that many people live with long term pain and that this can be debilitating and prevent us from living the life we want to lead.

My aim at Embrace is to work with you to understand your pain and to develop new ways of moving forward based on what is important to you.

Who I can help

My experience has been in helping people with a range of long-term musculoskeletal problems such as……
Lightning strike

A little more about Persisting pain

Who it affects

It is thought that from 30-50% of people live with long term pain and it is often the reason we seek help with a Physiotherapist

It's not straightforward

We can have pain which comes on and subsides as we expect, either on its own, or with the right advice and treatment. Sometimes for some people the picture is less straightforward and the pain persists, perhaps as part of a chronic condition, but often for no obvious reason.

No answers

It may be that we have had scans or investigations which are unrevealing or leave us without answers as to what to do next


It may be that we have tried many different types of treatment with short term or little effect

Pain changes how we think how we feel what we do

Pain is stressful, it can stop us from doing what we want with our lives and take away our enjoyment of life

It can alter how we view ourselves and how we interact with the world

Pain changes how we think and how we feel. It can make us anxious and low in mood.

We can feel that our “pain is not real “ or that “we should” be able to get on with it”

The good news

It can be hard to get our heads around it but when we understand the many factors of everyday life that come together and create our pain experience then we really can start to change things.

We can start to untangle what contributes to our pain

We know that our pain is often about so much more than the back that hurts everyday or shoulder pain that won’t go way.

We know that each of us will experience pain in our own unique way. 

We can learn new ways of thinking about our pain. We can learn what we can do to help ourselves move forward.

The process may feel challenging and it does take time but with the right support we each have a huge potential to change and to move beyond our pain experience

Ready to start?

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